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Instant Hair For Thinning Hair Instant Hair For Thinning Hair Instant Hair For Thinning Hair Instant Hair For Thinning Hair Instant Hair For Thinning Hair Instant Hair For Thinning Hair Instant Hair For Thinning Hair Instant Hair For Thinning Hair Instant Hair For Thinning Hair


I was absolutely amazed that Hollywood Instant Hair keratin hair fibers worked so well. I have tried all the other different hair fibers and thickening products and yours was the best by far. I have a tough color to match and your customer service helped me find the perfect color. It's spot on! I thank you guys for providing a really top notch product and great customer service!

Jerry W

I have to admit that I was very skeptical at first. I had tried so many hair loss products that I actually can name them all. The name instant hair really caught my attention and since a friend of mine suggested keratin fibers I decided to give this a try. This stuff works! It really is a great hair thickener and because it is made from the same proteins as natural hair it looks great too! Thanks!

Mark H.

As a salesman in the IT industry servicing large multi milion dollar business contracts I have to look my best. About a year ago I noticed a little thinning here and there and was looking for something that would cover my balding areas without resorting to hairpieces. Two months ago I heard of how the actors in Hollywood do it and I must say that this really is the bomb. I'll be back!

I have been selling Real Estate for 20 years and I always try to look as good as I can for my clients. My thinning hair is now affecting the way I look and making me self conscious. I tried the hairpieces but they are just not for me since my scalp is sensitive to the glues and chemicals. Since Hollywood Instant Hair is made from natural keratin protein it doesn't bother my scalp and I also look great using it and will use it from now on out. Thanks!

For years now I have been looking for a product that works well for women. I have tried but have never really liked wigs since they are too pricey for me. My daughter heard about Hollywood Instant Hair natural keratin hair fibers and said "Mom give it a try." I could not believe how well it worked! It looked just like my natural hair. In just a minute a day my balding areas are gone and I look and feel much younger!

Janice S

I would always notice that people would stare at my scalp because I had a prominent bald spot in the middle of my head since my twenties. I have always felt insecure about that. Since using Hollywood Instant Hair keratin hair fibers I have felt so much better about myself! Thank you so much Hollywood Instant Hair! You have changed my life and I continue to recommend your product to all my friends!

Yolanda A