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Hollywood Instant Hair - Instructions For Use

STEP 1 - Apply Hollywood Instant Hair

Apply Hollywood Instant Hair only to clean dry hair. Hold the container above the area to be covered and shake out a liberal amount of the hair fibers onto the desired area. Do not worry about any excess hair fiber falling on to undesired areas since any excess will simply blend into those areas and disappear. Repeat this step until you acheive the desired coverage.

STEP 2 - Style your hair as desired

After apllication of Hollywood Instant Hair you may now style your hair using a non bristle brush or a plastic comb. During this step you may notice areas that you missed in step one. If you notice any areas that were not covered simply reapply Hollywood Instant Hair fibers to those areas and continue to style as desired.

Optional - Apply Hollywood Instant Hold Spray

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After full coverage is complete and for a longer lasting, more secure hold spray Hollywood Instant Hold Spray directly onto the Hollywood Instant Hair. This 100% safe and natural product is designed not just to better hold the fibers but also to give the fibers a more lusterous appearence for a truly natural look and feel.