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Frequently Asked Questions About Hollywood Instant Hair

How long does it take to put Hollywood Instant Hair on?

It only takes about 30 seconds on average to properly apply Hollywood Instant Hair.

Will Hollywood Instant Hair Fibers cause irritation to my scalp?

Absolutely not. The product is made of natural Keratin Fibers.

Can I sleep in Hollywood Instant Hair?

Absolutely. It will not come out while you sleep so you can wake up in the morning with a full set of hair. Then to remove take a shower and wash your hair. Then reapply.

Does your hair have to be dry to apply?

It is best to apply to dry hair. Then if you want the "wet" look spray some water lightly on the hair. Then comb and use Hollywood Instant Hold Spray.

Do you need to use Hollywood Instant Hold Spray.

No, but we highly recommend our Hollywood Instant Hold spray to keep your hair style looking good, vibrant, and all fibers in place

Why do you sell your product with such an aggressive price?

We are one of the largest wholesale suppliers. We wanted to bring our product to the public at wholesale prices.

Why should we use your product versus others.

Quality. Our product quality is the official hair fibers used.

What do i do if my hair has regular color and gray?

You can either use the color of your "non gray" natural color hair by itself or better mix the two gray and your "base" color (recommended). For example, if your hair is about 30 percent gray and 70 percent black you can just put more black fibers in your hair at twice the amount of gray. It is very easy to do. So buy a bottle of gray and a bottle of your natural base color. Then place on your hair accordingly.