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CeleBrity Hair Loss Pictures Before and After

Ever since motion pictures were invented the celebrities of Hollywood have strived to look the best that they can include covering their hair loss. Celebrities are no different from the 1.4 billion people suffering from hair loss in the world today. They just want to look the best they can on and off camera. Bing Crosby, Humphrey Bogart, George Burns, and even John Wayne have all been rumored to have had hair loss treatments of one form or another. Even many of the popular stars of today suffer from hair loss and have had everything from transplants to hair pieces to drug therapies.

Now an entirely new process has been invented and the celebrities are now flocking to it - Instant Hair! Instant Hair is more accurately referred to as Instant Hair Fibers and is made from keratin protein - the protein that comprises all natural hair. The stars love Instant Hair for numerous reasons but most of all because instant hair is quick, easy to apply, and looks great. Anyone can apply instant hair in less than one minute.

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